Here is a title about me

I’m a designer who loves to think outside the box and wonders why it always has to be a box.

But, you know what? I’m also a designer who loves to take life easy and live in the moment. You see, I’m a glass half-full kind of person—I always look for the good in people and situations. I love to laugh and have fun with my friends and family, but I also love to get serious about what matters most: my work. I’m not only a concept, a strategy or an idea; I’m also a person who loves to laugh, who doesn’t take herself too seriously and knows how to have fun while working.

I believe that design is all about communication—communicating with each other and expressing ourselves through our work. That’s why it’s so important that we communicate clearly and effectively when we’re designing everything from websites to logos to products and packaging.

I have a degree in communication management – branding & advertising from Thomas More University. My focus was on branding strategy and visual communication design—how brands can use visual elements like color or typography to convey their message better than words alone ever could! After that, I wanted to specialize more in arts. So I started graphic design – communication design. Besides that, I’m also a coach at the Thomas More University where i help students to create ideas with stopping power.

And hey, now I’m a freelancer who can help you retrieve back your spark in communication.

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